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The delta 8 experience for me was unexpectedly great. I thought it was just being over hyped on reddit…. until I noticed it start to kick in.

I dove in head first with 4 ml dose, and held it under my tongue as long as I could. (I also took on an empty stomach.)

At first it dissolved my stress and anxiety. Then I started feeling the body high. It’s like a relaxing warm sensation throughout my body and behind the eyes. About an hour or two in....things were getting weird.... but in good way. It for sure had some psychedelic undertones to it. No visuals or anything buy I did get that really crisp and clear vision.

After listening to some music, I felt like I could hear another dimension of the sound. The headspace for me was very hazy. My mind was in a good place but I was very easily distracted. A great metal escape from these crazy times in the world, but I certainly couldn’t take this while working.

I would recommend taking it at night because it also worked well as a sleep aid. The next morning, I when I woke up, I was in a great mood with a nice afterglow because I think it was still in my system!

Overall, this is probably my new favorite cannabinoid. I’d say 4ml of this tincture is just as strong if not stronger than a standard 100mg THC gummy.

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